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Body Contouring Specialist in Lakeland serving Central Florida

Body Contouring refers to reshaping and improving patient appearance through the use of various surgical modalities. The highly regarded Lakeland plastic surgeon Dr. Jacob Gerzenshtein has dedicated his career to helping patients from throughout the Central Florida area improve their appearance through body contouring. Multiple pregnancies, massive weight loss and the natural process of aging can result in excess skin and loss of firmness in the throughout the trunk and extremities. In many cases, not only is the skin involved, but the underlying connective tissue that lends strength and elasticity to the skin, must be tightened and repaired. In the case of full abdominoplasty, for example, this also includes the abdominal musculature. More specifically, the fascia overlying the muscular edge must be sewn to tighten the abdominal wall.  In many cases improving the appearance of an area may increase the perceived girth and lack of shape with respect to adjacent regions. For instance, a flat tummy, may draw attention to extra adipose deposits in the waist and love handles. Such areas may be addressed together or in separate procedures, depending on the amount of work to be done. To help his  body contouring patients correct these aesthetic issues and enhance their shape.