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I would highly recommend Dr G!!! Let me start by saying from the time I called to schedule the appointment for breast implants to my surgery clearance his front office staff and nurses were all amazing!! When I went in to met Dr. G and start the process of selecting implants I always felt comfortable and his nurse Maria went out of her way to help me select the size I wanted and what I felt comfortable with. In fact, I was going to go smaller and when I went back for a second appointment I went bigger and don’t regret my choice. They are the perfect size for my body frame. Now to talk to about Dr.G, he is amazing and has the best bedside manner and answered all my questions and never made me feel like I was a bother and he never pointed out any other surgeries I could use. I have been to other doctors who will point out all your body flaws while you are there and make you feel worse about yourself. After my surgery I had an allergic reaction to something and was able to text Dr. G pictures of what was going on and he helped me right then and saw me the next day!! Not sure about anyone else but I don’t know any other doctor who does this, usually your talking to an answering service. I can’t say enough good things about this doctor and his office & nurses. I am already planning a tummy tuck in the bear future with him. I will also say when I went in I wanted implants and a lift and most doctors would have done both for the money, not Dr G. He was very honest and said with the size implants I was getting a lift wouldn’t be needed and recommended not to do it, but left the choice to me and I opted not to. I will say this doctor gave me back my confidence with my body.

Michelle R

Dr G is amazing!

I am 1 week post op and extremely happy with my results. Dr. G and his staff welcome you with open arms every time you walk through the door. They all are very caring, loving, and compassionate. Dr. G and his assistant Teri are very thorough and answer any questions or concerns you may have. I am extremely satisfied with my results and my care with Dr. G and his staff.

Brenna C

Recommendations – Brenna

Dr. Jake Gerzenshtein is absolutely amazing… He’s honest, he’s humble and he’s a doctor I certainly trust. He cares about how you look at yourself and not just your bill… Dr. Jake talks to you like your his only patient and in the world of plastics, that’s completely obsolete. The staff is wonderful and every member of his team are constantly smiling, joking and make you feel like you’ve known them for years! I have very low self esteem and when I leave a procedure from their office I leave feeling great…. That’s a feeling that’s not replaceable… If your thinking of having something done you can trust him. He’s the best…. Thank you, KW

Recommendations on Dr. Jake

Dr. G. and his ladies (staff) are the best in this field. They treated me as a friend, not just another patient or a number in an assembly line. They took the time to ask me questions and listen to any concerns I had about my procedure. They reassured me and qualm my fears. After my procedure I received the Doctor’s personal cell to contact him if I had any problems, not a generalized number to call an answering service with the hopes of a return call.
If you are on the fence about who to choose for your Doctor, let me assure you will not be disappointed.

Patty R

The best Doctor around!

Excellence and Professionalism could describe our experience with Dr. G. and his staff. My daughter came to him desperate after she had a procedure elsewhere with life threatening results and had serious complications. He patiently advised her of what she needed to accomplish to have the results she wanted and guided her all the way through. He was able to correct the issues with an amazing result. The staff is very attentive and professional, they answered all her questions and assured her at all times they would take good care of her, I have seen every step and how this doctor treats my daughter answering her phone calls, texts and he personally answered all her question even after surgery, also how the staff and the whole office treats my daughter like family. I definitely would recommend Dr. G and his staff 100%. He saved my daughter’s life and for that I am truly grateful!

Irma P

Recommendations – Dr. G and his staff

Dr. G and staff were amazing! I was very conservative and wanted to make sure that I would look natural after my lift/augmentation. I wasn’t looking to gain any size, but rather to return the “girls” to their rightful location after breast feeding two children. Dr. G assured me he understood and could meet my goals. He explained the procedure in detail and answered all my questions thoroughly! He and his staff put me at ease and made me feel extremely comfortable! He not only met my expectations, but far exceeded them! I am extremely happy with the results and am only three weeks out of surgery! I highly recommend Dr. G!

Pamela K

Dr. Gerzenshtein – Recommendations – What I love about my Procedure

In the last couple of years I’ve had a decrease of the “apple” of my cheeks and fullness in my lips, all of which is part aging but the part we all hate. I also was experiencing a painful cramping in my jaws from muscular tension. I was thrilled when Dr. G said that he could easily remedy all of my concerns and complaints, and he did. I noticed immediate results but it just got better and better over the course of the next two weeks.
I’m cautious, conservative and private when it comes to procedures, but Dr. G has a gifted eye for exactly what to do in order to produce a natural, fresher looking outcome. I’m so thrilled and happy with the results every day!! It’s the best money I’ve ever spent. I feel good about me again and that’s priceless.
Dr. Gerzenshtein is an amazing doctor. He really listens to the patients complaints and concerns and offers realistic solutions. He is a knowledgeable, creative artist with injections. It’s truly the best results I’ve ever had. I have full faith in his skill and ability and I won’t hesitate when the day comes for more invasive procedures. I’m looking forward to an ongoing partnership to keep me looking the best I can look at any age.

Heather M

Slowing the Aging process

I had my breast augmentation by Dr. G back in February 2015. My breasts look amazing. I had another child, and I am able to successfully breastfeed. Lastly, the areola scars are almost invisible. Because the scars were barely noticeable, I decided to contact Dr. G about a scar revision on my abdomen from an emergency surgery I had as a teenager.

I just cannot say enough about Dr. G and his staff. I visited his new location in Lakeland, and the women in the front are sweet and welcoming. Dr. G is so approachable and humble, that he instantly removes any fears or worries about the impending procedure and never makes you feel like he is above you. I visited several surgeons for a consultation back in 2014 before my augmentation, and most of the doctors were rude or hurried. Dr. G was the only doctor that took the time answer all of my questions, and ensured that he was well acquainted with what I wanted.

There was not a single point in time that I felt awkward during the entire scar revision procedure for which I was awake. Dr. G and his wonderful technician, Terry provided the most excellent service and care during my scar revision. They just made me feel like they truly cared about me and giving me the results I was looking for. Dr. G is also not money hungry and he is extremely honest. He will not overcharge you, make you feel like you need procedures that you don’t need, and will even show you other, less expensive options, rather than only showing you the most expensive options.

It has only been a week since the procedure, and I had a check up with Dr. G today. I am already amazed at how thin my scar is compared to the huge mess it was before. I cannot wait to see the final results.

My husband has also been visiting Dr. G for Botox and loves his results. We are unfortunately moving to North Carolina next month, and will be taking trips down here to Lakeland anytime we need to have work done. The extra travel expenses to visit Dr. G are completely worth having a cosmetic surgeon that we trust and love, and that we know will always keep our best interests in mind.

Kaylyn C

Recommendation – I love my Breast Aug